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Days of Yore

Irish Song Lyrics - Days of Yore

I wandered in time, till I found myself thinking
of young children playing at the dawning of spring
they sang merry tunes like "The Wind in the Willow"
'twas then that I found myself back home again

The days that we spent in a boat with outrfather
too young for to help at a very young age
watching with care as they worked on the water
those mem'ries still linger of warm summer days

and then Sunday morning, we'd walk to the chapel
to count up our blessing for all we received
and give thanks to the Lord for good heath and well being
in return for our living and what we believed

and when we returned we would join in a session
and enjoy all the tunes and songs that we shared
and our mother would call us to come to the kitchen
to eat at the table that she had prepared

those days are long gone, but the'll ne're be forgotten
those mem'ries still linger and fill me with joy
those days are long gone, but they'll ne're be forgotten
those friends and companions of days long gone by

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