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Crescent Moon O

Irish Song Lyrics - Crescent Moon OAuthor: Donal OShaughnessy
Copyright: 1999

I'll hang my hat, on the crescent moon
and we'll dance, dance, dance
while the heavens play our tune
Upon the stars, I'll count your charms
And we'll dance, dance, dance
Till we are snuggling in each others arms

Let's dance, and sing
Effected by the altitude of our nocturnal fling
It's, a magic thing
And I am growing dizzy knowing what the night will bring
We are high above the rooftops as we dance and twirl
And far below we see the lights upon the world


We'll waltz, and sway
Acting out out parts, in our midnight play
You sweep me, away
Gliding on the starlight or each newborn moonlight ray
I could only wish the night would last forevermore
As we grow ever closer to Heaven's door


Let's enjoy, this precious time
Having you here with me must be Nature's own design
Having you, as mine
Heaven's intervention, truly was divine
Your the only reason in the world that I would say
I wish it could, be night each day


We'll waltz and swing, all night
And create a new sensation amidst the constellations
We don't mind the heights
and then we'll show the nations, our own interpretations
As we're gliding like a feather on the winds that rule above
The world will know that we're in love

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