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County of Armagh

Irish Song Lyrics - County of Armagh

there's one fair county in Ireland
with mem'ries so glorious and grand
where nature has lavished its bounty
it's the orchard of Erin's green land
I love her cathedrals and cities
once founded by Patrick so true
and it holds in the heart of its bossom
the ashes of Brian Boru

It's my dear Irish home, far across the foam
although I've often left her in foreign lands to roam
no matter where I wander in cities near or far
sure my heart belongs in old Ireland
in the County of Armagh

I've wandered a part of the county
through Newtown, Forkhill, Crossmaglen
around by the gap of Mount Morris
and back by Black Water again
where the girls are so gay and so hearty
the finest in Erin Go Bragh
Ah but where are the boys who will court them
The boys from the County Armagh CHORUS

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