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Carnsies Welcome Home Song

Irish Song Lyrics - Carnsies Welcome Home SongAuthor: Donal O'Shaughnessy
Copyright: 2004

Many a blissful night I spent
right here in Bingo Town
With drinks delivered down the hatch
with friends all gathered 'round
We were all making memories
"more fun" was our desire
But we never thought for once
we'd have a real life, "McIntyre"

But we sighed and we swore
we'd all be back for more
when the Hell is Billy
going to open up the door
We tried the other places
but there's none we could reside
there's nothing quite like Carnsies
on Binghamton's East Side

When Carnsies caught on fire
good times went up in smoke
we lost the favorite meeting place
for common Irish Folk
The regulars were wishin'
for a place they could belong
with Mickey yelling,"Shut Up!
This is a serious song!" CHORUS

Right here we are a family
we've seen the worst and best
we celebrate, commiserate
and even welcome guests
but even heat and flames and smoke
can't keep our spirits down
There's nothing quite like Carnsies
the best Irish bar in town. CHORUS

Now raise your glasses up with me
for this the final verse
will fill them to the brim
until the bottom bursts
come Irish night on Thursdays
and you'll never feel alone
so here's to our man Billy
and to you say, "Welcome Home!" CHORUS

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