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Carnsies Shuffle

Irish Song Lyrics - Carnsies ShuffleAuthor: Donal O'Shaughnessy
Copyright: 1997

Hey everybody now! Whatcha say?
Have you had a tough day
have a shot of John Jay
What's that you're feelin'
are you happy are you reeling
are you dancin on the ceiling
can you do a plier

Just raise your voice
and state your choice
when you've had enough to drink
we'll be quotin' James Joyce
Being Irish is our pleasure
and we'll take the extra measure
Be sure and take your leisure
and we'll fix your equipoise

If you're feelin kinda risky
or a little bit frisky
order up a touch o' whiskey
you can have it your way
you can feel the hospitality
and some congeniality
we'll have conviviality
'cause we're out to play CHORUS

Hey everybody, There's vanity, insanity
there won't be no calamity from Thursday's crew
If you're Irish or you're Finnish
order up a pint o' Guinness
If you feel the fun diminish
simply play your Kazoo CHORUS

If you're feelin' kinda chancy
leave a couple bucks for Clancey
He'll be feelin kinda fancy
and I'm sure he'll agree
So if the feelin strikes you
we like to sure invite you
to every Thursday night
you can come to Carnsies CHORUS

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