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Irish Song Lyrics - CarlingfordAuthor: Tommy Makem

So I'll sing farewell to Carnlingford, and farewell to Greenore
I'll think of you most day and night, 'till I return once more
'till I return once more

when I was young and in my prime
I wandered wild and free
there was always a longing in my mind
to follow the call of the sea CHORUS

Well a landsman's life is all his own
he may go or he may stay
but when the sea gets in your blood
when she calls you must obey CHORUS

well I had a girl named Mary Doyle
and she lived in Greenore
the foremost thought 'twas in her mind
was to keep me sake on shore CHORUS

now I sail upon the seven seas
I sail before the mast
and every voyage I have been
I swore 'twoud be my last CHORUS

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