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Camp June O

Irish Song Lyrics - Camp June OAuthor: Donal OShaughnessy
Copyright: 1998

Nestled on a hill in a place not far away
Is a cabin in the woods, you can watch the wildlife play
Stand beneath majestic trees as the birds all sings their tune
Is a place we love be, a place we call Camp June

A place where families meet, a place to share our love
among the fallen leaves as the sun shines through above
even in our minds, we know we'll be there soon
deep within our memories, a place we call Camp June

Sitting by a crakling fireside
living out the best times of our lives
knowing all the days are filled with fun
swimming 'neath the comfort of the sun

Working through the week even as the seasons change
we know there is a place that couldn't ever change
In our hearts there is a memory beneath a glowing moon
A place forever sacred, a place we love, Camp June

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