Collection of Irish Song Lyrics

Final Curtain

Irish Song Lyrics - Final CurtainAuthor: Donal O'Shaughnessy
Copyright: 2017

When the final curtain comes down
will you simply end your part
or try to stick around
Will you realize there are other parts to play
Or linger on that stage for your final bow

And the Reviews, will you worry what they say
by seeking put their every accolade
Will you worry that their notions
say you just went through the motions
By assuming you would act for another day

Will you argue that your role was based on how it was scripted
will you memory recall only the times you were uplifted
did you act out all your pain for a chance to win acclaim
Did you use the tools at birth that you were gifted


Now your play has ended
The run was not extended
And you realized your costume's only rented


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