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Irish Paradise

Irish Song Lyrics - Irish ParadiseAuthor: Donal O'Shaughnessy
Copyright: 2011

Here's a song for the Cook family from Rhode Island; Mike, Sylvia, Sherry and Christine

It's Irish Paradise
Living our lives in the wind and the waves
It's Irish Paradise
whether fast on the shore
or on the high seas
There's no place the Cook family
would rather be

Palm trees and coconuts
got nothing on me
with the wind in my hair
and the sun on the sea
When we get to the dock
there'll be a Guinness in me
and all of the food is cholesterol free CHORUS

A mud slide on land
is a perilous sight
but the ones on the boat's
a culinary delight
They burned up fifteen blenders
on one fateful night
Now they use the propeller
which works out just right CHORUS

Mike is the captain
a man for the ages
The first mate is Sylvia
who's laughter's contagious
They even serve children
don't think that's outrageous
They've served all of Gerber's
flavors and stages CHORUS

The best friends you have
may only meet yearly
If you have friends like that this
it comes to you clearly
If you've a long distance friend
then toast them with me
The fine people I know
and their friendship at sea

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