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Murphy's Corned Beef Extravaganza

Irish Song Lyrics - Murphy's Corned Beef ExtravaganzaAuthor: Donal O'Shaughnessy
Copyright: 2011

Here's a song for my friends Matt, Kerry, Katie and Mary Frances (Murph)

Now here's a little story
you'll find it pretty good
About an Irish party
in an Italian neighborhood

The guests are mostly Irish
with an occasional Costanza
in North Providence at Murphy's
Corned Beef Extravaganza

They knew the proper formula
to throw a successful bash
Add 100 pounds of brisket
whole potatoes never mash!

Put it all into a satellite dish
and a fishin' pole you'll bring
because it doubles as a Koi pond
on the 1st day of the spring

And never forget the time
the propane burner wouldn't heat
and Murphy looked us in the eye
He would not admit defeat

He said, 'Gather all good people.'
There was something he could learn us
when he took the thermocouple
right out of his household furnace

Corned beef and Irish music
were flowing through the air
When a bunch of neighbors showed up
with gold chains in their hair

We knew they would be peaceful
we knew they wouldn't pounce
especially since gold is sellin'
for about 2 grand an ounce

Clap the Irish Rover early
if you want it to sound the best
if you wait until the sunset
it will surely sound a mess

the beer you'll all be drinkin
won't be comin' from Milwaukee
At the Corned Beef Extravaganza
at Murphy's on Pensaukee

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