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Irish Song Lyrics - CrayfishAuthor: unknown

Fisherman fisherman standing by the sea
have you a crayfish you would sell to me

Yes sir yes sir that indeed I do
I've a nasty smelly crayfish I will sell to you

So I took him home and thought he would like to swim s
o I filled up the chamber pot an threw the bugger in

In the middle of the night I thought I'd have a fit
when my old lade got up to take a shower

Well husband husband she cried out to me
the devil's in the chamber pot and he's got a hold of me

Well children children bring up the looking glass
and come and see the crayfish that bit your mother's ear

Well children children you mother's had a fit
come and see the crayfish that bit your mother's toe

well she yelled and she screamed the noise it shook the walls
and then to get me back she grabbed me by the beard

well she swung and she hit me really cleaned my clock
but I never once fell over cause she grabbed me by the collar

well the crayfish escaped I thought he had the luck
but all this was his fault that nasty little fool

Well that's the end my story there is no more to tell
and if you don't like it you can go to France.

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