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LeBron's Gone

Irish Song Lyrics - LeBron's GoneAuthor: Donal O
Copyright: 2010

CHORUS Take your throne, take your ego
Pack up all your cool trends
Pack up your pre-game talcum powder
And your mother’s boyfriends
Take the hopes and the dreams
for the self you revealed
Take the reverend's support
And game five’s highlight reel

Drew Carey could teach you what it’s like to be loyal
But you would prefer to proclaim you are royal
Your support for the Yankees was public and strong
Then the midgies appeared as a sign you were wrong
You see Karma has ways, they are powerful forces
To take down the mighty when they’re high on their horses
One test that your character might be artificial
Was an ESPN King James hour special


“It’s all about winnin’”
but you turned and you ran
You proved it can’t happen when you are the man
You’ll choke again in the playoffs
and see if they hail you
You’ll discover your “Fathead”
is shrinking in value
St. Vincent, St. Mary, you let them both down
Couldn’t win on our court now predictions abound
But the whammy’s upon you and I pray it sticks
As you build a new dynasty …
brick by brick


And let’s not forget the czar David Stern
Who thinks that Dan Gilbert has money to burn
LeBron’s TV show it was tacky or worse
You’re just sorry that you didn’t think of it first
If NBA Network had landed this killin’
You can bet Gilbert’s fine would be half a million
“A league built on stars” that’s what you stated
Now sit back and enjoy the monster created

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