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Manhattan Stand O

Irish Song Lyrics - Manhattan Stand OAuthor: Donal OShaughnessy
Copyright: 2009

There’s a place in North Ohio
Where people come to play
With Sparky and Bob Sampson
And the king of all D. Kane
Just walk on thru the back door
For a time that beats the band
With a genuine, bonafide Mystified, CERTIFIED…
Manhattan Stand

Kevin O cried, “Genius!”
Just tell me where and when
Dennis said Saturday 2 o’clock
But Kevin would make it at ten
The whole thing started at 5 Am
When Bob pitched up the tent
And set it in the front yard
Where’s there’s no overhead or rent
Then Kat showed up with poster board
And markers just in time
Then Dirty Harry Dennis said,
“Go ahead and make my sign.”
Then to move our product
she had the slogan of the year
With one big word “MANHATTANS”
and in smaller letters (beer)

But the drinks we weren’t sellin’
they would all be free
With a simple cash donation
To a cancer charity
People came from miles around
And business it was boomin’
When barely just an hour in
The cops they’d come a loomin’
You’re sellin’ booze in Lyndhurst
you know that it ain’t right
The phone’s ringin’ off the hook
clear down to Mayfield Heights
With an explanation given
we still thought there’d be a collar
When Dennis said, “Before you leave
can you give us a dollar?”
“Then better yet, before you leave
and you’re still on this beat
Would you send out an Amber Alert
for a feller on this street?
Mike Jamison is missing
and that’s our greatest fear
We’ve been sitting here all day
with tubs of ice cold beer”

You might think these exploits
are from Spanky and Our Gang
But the real king of Manhattans
is Cleveland’s own Jim Lange
It wasn’t even Easter Sunday
but the drinks were running pure
So we’ll thank you all
for coming to the “Bracer for the Cure”

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