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Finnigan's Ball

Irish Song Lyrics - Finnigan's BallAuthor: unknown

Michael Finnigan held a ball
It was down in Ballymahon in the old town hall
We drove in cabs to the festive scene
I hired a couple but I ran between
Oh what a gathering we had there
Oh what a gathering I declare
Patsy Sullivan he looked a wreck
For he had a gathering upon his neck
Finnigan's Ball What a night of jollity
Finnigan's Ball dancing all around
We were strict tea totelers one an all
Till the cork came out at Finnigan's Ball.

Old Mrs Mullin's three score and ten
Hadn't had a kiss since the Lord knows when
She bought a mask and went to the dance
To cover up her face it was her only chance
Sat out a dance with Mike Muldoon
Out upon the stairs she began to spoon
He spotted her face when he gave her a kiss
And said heaven help a sailor on a night like this

Finnigan's Ball there was Michael Cassidy
Finnigan's Ball playing in the band
for he was so thin and lean and small T
hat he fell through his trumpet at Finnigan's Ball
We had supper with lots to eat
Say we had the finest whisky neat
There was trouble in store for us all oh dear
Barney Flynn drank Finnigan's beer
Mrs. Bull had some appetite
She ate twenty seven buns that night
The buns are fine says Mrs. Bull
But I couldn't eat another
for my program's full
Finnigan's Ball little Mrs. Rafferty
Finnigan's Ball promised me a dance
But she slipped on the stairs and had a fall
And she broke her promise at Finnegan's Ball.
Pat O'Reilly and Bridget Bright
Sat in an alcove out of sight
What an alcove is I couldn't swear
But whatever it is they both sat there
There they were necking till poor old Pat
Found she was sitting on his new hat
Do you know what your sitting on miss says he
I oughta for I sat on it for years says she.
Finnigan's Ball there was Mrs. Branigan
Finnigan's Ball her dress is rather tight
For she stooped to tie her shoe that's all
But she never reversed at Finnigan's Ball.

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