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I'm Drinking Vodka for Jesus

Irish Song Lyrics - I'm Drinking Vodka for JesusAuthor: Donal O'Shaughnessy
Copyright: 2008

I wrote this song for a guy (John) in Cleveland who proudly told me that he gave up beer for Lent. He was holding a pint glass of what looked like ice water. When I asked him what he drinking he proudly announced, 'VODKA!' So I wrote a song called 'I'm Drinking Vodka for Jesus' Here's the lyrics for a chuckle (I hope). Don't be afraid, I'm already excommunicated.

I'm Drinking Vodka for Jesus intro:
Lent it is a solemn time For prayer and sacrifice
To give up something that you love Or maybe it’s a vice
Maybe you can do a deed in service to the Lord
And hope like all good Catholics you won’t perish by the sword

That’s why… (CHORUS) I’m drinkin vodka for Jesus
for Jesus, the Son of God the Christ
I’m drinkin vodka for Jesus And that is my Lenten sacrifice

I’ll avoid what’s from the tap To keep the Devil off my back
I’ll testify there is no Power Higher
When I chose a different flavor It was for my Lord and Savior
To shun Guinness and instead pour Stolichnaya CHORUS

Your first miracle divine was turning water into wine
In every earthen jar or glass and bottle
But I’m turning beer into vodka 'cause I could never top Ya'!
I’m doing what I can as a mere mortal CHORUS

When God hears what I’ve done to revere the Holy One
To achieve a spiritual high with vodka seven
The Pearly Gates will swing And Saint Pete will say, “Straight in!” While the angels raise a toast to me in Heaven CHORUS

I’ve heard Hell’s a place that stinks so I’m stickin with well drinks
For 40 days my plan I’ll not refute
But St. Patrick’s on a Monday and to ensure it is a fun day
I’ll use my Sunday Lenten substitute CHORUS

If it’s chocolate you deny or any cake or pie
Or any fine dessert that’s on the list
My reward will be supurb ‘Cause I kicked beer to the curb
while I’m sufferin' with Grey Goose and a twist CHORUS

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