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Green Island

Irish Song Lyrics - Green IslandAuthor: J Crowley

nobody knows the answers
how the dark clouds keep rolling each day
casting a shadow upon us
from antrim to sweet bantry bay
in their droves all the people
are leaving sure tis worse
than the black 44 when they sailed away
over the ocean with their dreams
and their humble sea stores

what a legacy such a tragedy
thousands are saying good- bye
the land of the eagle is calling
as we bid the green island good-bye
its only six hours to boston
and if you serve your time on the plane
in know time at all your a chippy
as good as the rest at the game
at sally obriens we'll be dancing
but we'll go back someday
maybe when the blue moon it hangs over (?)
and the river runs up spancil hill

is this a good time to remember
the brave men and women who died
whose vision is misrepresented
by the shadows who flicker and hide
they dish out their perks and their pensions
while the big fellow turns in his grave
to see the bright diamonds and jewels
passed on the cold crest of he wave CHORUS

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