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Irish Song Lyrics - ConfessionAuthor: ?
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A church it was busy with pew after pew
the faithful in mind to me shriven
Down on their knees doing laps with their beads
That their sins be absoved and forgiven
And in the confessional Father O'Rorke
Saw humanity stripped to the core
And a word with the boss made the sign of the Cross
And admoninshed them, 'Go sin no more!'
Well after an hour of sin upon sin
and dollops of perfect contrition
The door clicked open and an old man walked in
And assumed the Confession position
This old white haired fellow as old as the hills
90 if he was a day
His face wrinkled and creased
he looked up to the priest And said,
'Father, I've something to say.'
'I'm a very old man,
I'll be 91 years on the next 14th day of November
& All of my life I've been true to my wife
As far as I seem to remember
Then a fit of great madness 3 nites ago
God knows what I thought I was doin'
I slept with 2 teenage lasses at once
And brought them both to conclusion'
Then Father O'Rorke didn't know what to say
But the old man had made an impression
His voice level and calm as he looked at the man
And said, 'When were you last at Confession?'
'It's my very 1st time,' the old man replied.
'I've not been to Confession before.
I've been a Protestant all of my life.
At least till I walked thru that door.'
Now Father O'Rorke was a great deal confused
He said, 'Now there's something amiss!
If you've been a Protestant all of your life T
hen why are you tellin' me this?'
The old man just beamed
a broad wicked glear
In the darkness his little eyes glistened
'Oh Father,' he said with a voice full of glee
'I'm tellin' anybody who'll listen!'

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