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Casey's Hat

Irish Song Lyrics - Casey's HatAuthor: traditional

Casey wore his brand new hat
to Murphy's wake last night
Someone stole his hat and, boy,
it started up a fight
Casey smashed the furniture
the radio as well
He nearly woke the corpse up
as he began to yell

I had a hat when I came in
I hung it on the rack
and I'll have a hat when I go out
or I'll break somebody's back

I'm a peaceful loving man I am,
and I don't want to shout,
BUT I had a hat when I came in,
and I'll have a hat when I go out!

Casey kept on fighting sure t
hey couldn't keep him quiet
Someone phoned up for the cops
to come and stop the riot

Two cops then rushed into the room,
but Casey laid them out
As he threw them through the window,
they both heard Casey shout

I had a hat...

Casey kept on fighting
until one eyed Paddy Flynn
Socked him on the whiskers
with a great big rolling pin
He knocked poor Casey senseless,
it was an awful clout
As he lay there unconscious
Casey kept on shouting out

I had a hat..

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