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Billy Reed

Irish Song Lyrics - Billy Reed

I'll sing you a song, of a terrible wrong
And the flags they flew at half mast
And a man he lay dead, he was riddled with lead
And he died on the streets of Belfast

CHORUS O the radio said, ‘twas another shot dead
And he died with a gun in his hand
But they didn’t say why, Billy Reed had to die
But he died to free Ireland

Ir happened one day when the bold I.R.A.
Went out to fight for their land
With an old Thompson gun brought the troops on the run
And defense of their homes was their plan.


When returning the gun
Billy met with these Huns
And when the fight had begun
His position was dire, but his gun wouldn’t fire
So he died with that old Thompson gun.


Although he lay dead, he was kicked in the head
By the hair they dragged him around
For they still feared him yet and can never forget
How brave Billy Reed stood his ground.


If you think he was right,
come and join in the fight
And help to free Belfast
For the blood that he shed,
although he lay dead
In our hearts his memory will last.

CHORUS *thanks Dan Russell

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