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Growing Old O

Irish Song Lyrics - Growing Old OAuthor: Donal O'Shaughnessy
Copyright: 2005

Now I am living one of life's greatest fears
The hair is beginning to grow in my ears
my knees are all creaky, my ankles are sore
I grunt when I stand up to answer the door

My hairline's receding, what's left's growing thin
my waistline is growing I'm as round as I've been
Now my desire's to leave if you please
there's only one problem...I can't find my keys

When I was much younger I stood strong and tall
and it seemed I was grabbing the world by the ...tail
I rose in the morning and rose all the night I
rose in the morning ...and rose all the night

But now Mother Nature how she's grabbing me
I'm a victim of time and of Earth's gravity
I recall my gyrations and my joints start to creak
my spirit is willing but my flesh is too weak

I heard in my youth, 'This is life. Drink it up!'
in hindsight it seems as though I drank too
much for the years crept upon me and now it's official
more of my parts are replaced artificial

I've got glasses and pins and aids for my hearing
a new plastic hip and support hose I'm wearing
I've got magnets and wraps 'cause I'm moving so slow
my big date of the month is with my HMO

I could do any job building railroads and trestles
constructing the highways and overseas vessels
but my only tools now are the mortar and pestle
I'm thrilled when I'm first at the early bird special

I can see what's ahead, what lies down the pike
pretty soon I won't be doing my driving at night
So I'll hike up my pants as I prepare for the last
place my hat on a shelf and my teeth in a glass

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