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Paddys Unicorn O

Irish Song Lyrics - Paddys Unicorn OAuthor: Donal O'Shaughnessy & Brian Hyland
Copyright: 2006

to the tune of 'The Unicorn'

Chorus There were green marqueritas a
nd long neck brews pina coladas,
slow comfortable screws
A slippery nipple's what I'm talking about
but my favorite of all is the Guinness Stout

Long time ago when the bars were dry
the lack of libation could make a grown man cry
you'd go without a beverage
it you didn't know the knock
unless you had a tub with your home made stock


Paddy's glass was empty which caused him pain
he set out to find a drink but he searched in vain
his body started shakin' he couldn't get no rest
so he tried to keep the high by smellin' his own breath


Paddy looked out through the drivin' rain He said, '
This way of life is makin' me insane.'
He said, 'Give me a sign Lord, don't leave me in the lurch.'
and he found himself standing outside a church


Paddy started movin' he drifted inside
what he found was religion and he wept and cried
he thought he went to Heaven he thought he had died
When he was greeted at the altar with a glass of wine.

C Then Prohibition ended, the law ended in the ditch
NASCAR had its roots and Joe Kennedy was rich
Paddy said, 'I thank you Lord You helped me see the light.
I'm back to drinkin' Guinness almost every night.'

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