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My Donegal

Irish Song Lyrics - My Donegal

The lights of London
are far behind
the thoughts of homeland
are crowding my mind
familiar places
come into view
I see my home now,
soon I'll see you

This is my home land
the place I was born in
no matter where I go
It's in my soul
My feet may wander
a 1000 places
but my heart will lead me
back home to my Donegal

We'll talk to the old folks
for they're getting on
and treat them to late nights
and sing a few songs
we'll talk of the neighbors
and life in the town
there's so much to tell them
the days fly around CHORUS

And then tomorrow
we'll take a walk
Down to St. Mary's
to a sheltered spot
we'll kneel and pray there
for the one's who have gone
and hope that they're proud of
their wandering son

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