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Dublin Town in 1962

Irish Song Lyrics - Dublin Town in 1962Author: Dermot O'Brien

Me kids said Dad, just tell us one more time
About when you were young and in your prime
And the way that you met Ma, all the things you saw
Tell us about the things you used to do
Well I closed my eye and rolled the years away
Everything's the same as yesterday
How could I forget the summer when we met
In Dublin town in 1962.

All the days were sunny, all the skies were blue
In Dublin town in 1962.

Oh we climbed the hill of Howth and down again
We walked home from the Pillar in the rain
We courted in the park we're the lights glow in the dark
We danced in Clery's and the Metropol to two
We crossed the Ha'penny bridge at evening tide
It felt so good to have you by my side
We watched the mailboats sail
Paperboys cried Herald or Mail
In Dublin town in 1962.

Like many more we kissed it all goodbye
We sailed away to give our luck a try
In the land across the sea that's been good to you and me
Where our children played like we once used to do
Me kids said Da that's really quite a tale
We know you have the spirit of the Gael
And we have no regrets we're very glad you met
In Dublin town in 1962.

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