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Where the Three Counties Meet

Irish Song Lyrics - Where the Three Counties Meet

Oh how lovely to be on the shores of Lough Rea
on a beautiful mid summer's morning
looking over the lake where the waters do break
by the hills in the County Roscommon

Oh I left from my home in the town of Athlone
on the way to the Three Jolly Pidgeons(?)
it was by Glassen Town on the road I sat down
and I looked o're the beautiful Shannon

Lough Rea oh Lough Rea where the three counties meet
Longford, West Meath and Roscommon
as I strolled 'round her banks be the heather and peat
they're the mem'ries I've never forgotten

Oh sad was the day when I went far way
to work amongst timber and concrete
as I made me a plan for to follow life's span
I forsook the dear place of my homeland
If God grants me grace I'll return to the place
when the twilight of life has come o're me
as I stand on your shores like a bird my heart soars
as I gaze on the beauty around me

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