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Tipperary Christening

Irish Song Lyrics - Tipperary Christening

It was down in that place Tipperary
where they're so airly and contrary
they cut up the devil's figary
when they christened my beautiful boy
when home from the church they came
with Father Tom and big Mickey Brannigan
scores of as purity
boys and girls as you'd ever see
when baby set up such a squalling
and such a bawing and caberwauling
and the nurse on the mother was calling
there was a time mon um gay joy

In the corner the piper sat winkin
and a blinkin' and a thinkin'
and a noggin' of punch he was drinkin'
and wishin' the parents great joy
In flew the door and Hogan
the tinker and latherin' Lanigan
kicjed up a toe and wanted to know
why they weren't asked to the spree
and the piper his chanter was dronin'
and a graonin' and a moanin'
the old women set up the croanin'
when they christened sweet Danny the boy

The asristocracy came to the party
There was McCarty light and hearty
with florence bidalia fogarty
"she says that's the French for her name"
Dionaysius Alphonso Mulrooney
oh so loony and so spoony
with thecharmin Evelyn Mooney
of society she was the cream
Cora Theresa Maud McCann
Algeron Rourke and Lulu McCafferty
Reginald Marmaduke Maurice Megan
Clarence Ignatius McGurk
Cornelius Horatio Flaherty's son
Adelaide Grace and Doctor O'Rafferty
Eva McLaughlin, Cora Muldoon and Brigadier General Burke
They were dancin' the polka Mazurka
t'was a worker ne're a shirker
The Versa Vienna la turker
and the polka row dow was devine
they marched and then went in to luncheon
o such punchin' and such scrunchin'
they were busy as bees at the munchin'
with coffee tay whiskey and wine

There were all sorts of tay, there was Scholwchong
and there was Ningyong and there was dingdong
with Colong and Toolong, Boolong
anf tay that was made in Japan
There were sweetmeats inported from Java
and from Guava and from Harva
in the four masted ship the Minerva
that came from beyant Hindostan
cold ice cream and cream that was hot
Roman punch froze up in snowballs and asparagas
"patte de foi gras" whatever that means
made out of goose livers and grease
red headed ducks with salmon and peas
bandy legged frogs and Peruvian ostriches
bottle nose pickerel woodcock and snipe
and everything else that would please
after dinner of course we had spaking
there was handshaking there was leave taking
in the corner old mothers matchmaking
with other innocent sins
and we drank a good health to each other
then to each brother then to each mother
but the last toast I thought I would smother
when they hoped that the next would be twins

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