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This is My Homeland (My Donegal)

Irish Song Lyrics - This is My Homeland (My Donegal)

The lights of London are far behind
my thoughts of homeland are crowding my mind
familiar places come into view
I see my home now, soon I'll see you

This is my homeland, the place I was born in
No matter where I go, it's in my soul
My feet may wander a thousand places
But my heart will lead me back home to my Donegal

We'll talk to the old folks sure they're getting on
put them to late nights and sing a few songs
We'll talk of the neighbors and life on the town
There's so much to tell them, of the days that are gone

And then tomorrow, we'll take a walk
Down by St. Mary's to a sheltered spot
We'll kneel and pray there for the ones that are gone
and hope they'll remember their wandering son

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