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Staten Island

Irish Song Lyrics - Staten Island

We're the poor, the huddled masses
we have crossed the lonely sea
left the old world for the new world
left the old ways to be free

We sailed our ship up the Hudson River
to wild Atlantic, we said farewell
to Staten Island when we landed
there we had our tale to tell

we left our homes in forty seven
turned our back against the wind
from our ships of creaking timber
we bid farewell to a famished land CHORUS

with heavy hearts we left behind us
memories of better days
old men talking, children laughing
as we danced the night away CHORUS

Still we hear their voices calling
on the wind we hear the sound
friends and loved ones old and new ones
lie beneath the famine mound CHORUS

now those days are far behind us
now our spirits have grown strong
in this land that gave us freedom
and the wind to carry on

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