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Rich Man's Garden

Irish Song Lyrics - Rich Man's Garden

on that day when first I saw you
how my young heart filled with joy
you were picking sweet primroses
when I chanced to pass you by
I felt some strange thing happen
and I felt something had changed
somehow I knew because of you
I'd never be the same

You lived in a rich man's garden
fairest flower of all that grew
in a land I had no part of
where no harm could fall on you
and I never got to know you
for you never looked my way
so I left you in that garden
and I sadly walked away

You father he had riches
with nothing left to crave
a lord of all the people
with a soul cold as the grave
and I knew he's give no quarter
to one as poor as me
so I never crossed that garden
where I knew my heart to be

now the years have slipped behind me
and my hair has turned to grey
I still see you in that garden
on that far off summer day
you were six and I was seven
without a jacket to my name
how I loved you in that garden
but you never spoke my name

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