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Perfect Man (The) O

Irish Song Lyrics - Perfect Man (The) OAuthor: Donal O'Shaughnessy
Copyright: 2004

I want a man with a job
a real stand up guy
a sensitive guy
who's not afraid to cry
when he closes his eyes
he doesn't think of some blond
and doesn't think 2 minutes
is a Marathon
of his physical abilities
let this be said
make him 3 feet tall
with a breathing hole
right smack dab in the middle of the back of his head!

When it comes to talking sexy
this is what he'll say
"Honey You go out.
I'll watch the kids today.
I'll watch you try on outfits
No that's not lame
I'll even turn off the TV
It's only a game"
"Let's go visit the In-Laws
I gave them a call.
We'll get some advice
and than go to the mall
"We'll spend the afternoon shopping,
You need some more shoes
There's a sale at the outlet
There's no time to lose."

And he'll say,
"Take your time
getting ready
Honey now you look great
You know I don't mind
That we're running 2 hours late."

And some skill in the bedroom
Now that's a must
A Marathon winner
of the pelvic thrust
A man who likes to be
on top of his game
and his hand won't cramp
when we're into foreplay
He only thinks of me
when he closes his eyes
and he always thinks my breasts
are the perfect size
a guy who'll keep working
until I'm finished
can't you find me a man
who lasts more than 2 minutes?

And he'll say,
"I've got comfortable shoes on
and I can't wait to dance
Honey there ain't no way
That you look fat in those pants

How 'bout a conversation
with some intellect
don't forget I have a brain
Show some respect!
Give a call from the job
just to say "Hello"
That's money to prove
you're not the average Joe.
He puts me on a pedestal
he thinks I'm the best
He doesn't put me there
just to look up my dress
He can pick me up quick
when I'm feeling poor
with a wine and a woody
waiting at the door

And he'll say,
"Honey you work the clicker
when we watch the TV.
You do it so much better
You even drive better than me!"

And he'll say,
"Honey, I think I'm lost now
My brain must have taken a nap
I think I'll ask for directions
or even look at a map!"

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