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Patrick Sheehan

Irish Song Lyrics - Patrick Sheehan

My name is Patrick Sheehan and my years of 34
Tiperarry is my dwelling place not far from Gownty Moore
I come from honest parents who now are laying low
and many a pleasant day I spent in the glen of Averlow

My father died I closed his eyes outside our cabin door
the landlord and sheriff they were there the day before
and then my loving mother and my sisters they all sore
were forced the go with broken hearts from the glen of Averlow

for three long months in search of work I wandered far and near
I went into the workhouse for the see my mother dear
the news I heard near broke my heard but still in all my woe
I bless the friends that made her grave

and now young men who long to roam take heed of what I say
don't ever join the soldier's ranks or wander far away
if ever you are tempted a soldiering to go
remember Patrick Sheehan and the land of Averlow

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