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Ould Booreen

Irish Song Lyrics - Ould Booreen

It was on a summer's evening in the merry month of May
I was comin' from the fair in Cathamore
I was drivin' home a pair of lovely heiffers on the way
when I found myself outside a cabin door
well I just stepped in to light my pipe as any lad might do
when going to or coming from a fair
when I spied a lovely colleen with two eyes a meltin' blue
it was really then me heart felt very queer

I love to ramble down the ould booreen
when the Hawthrorn blossoms are in bloom
and to sit by the gate on an ould muddy seat
a whisperin' to Kate Muldoon

I was comin' from me barn from a neighborin' boreen
when I met sweet Kitty trippin' like a fawn
and she gave me such a smile that I felt like in a dream
and I never slept a wink that night till dawn
but the next time that I saw her sure I told her of me love
she blushed and almost let her basket fall
she said, "Go on you schemer!" with a gentle little shove
and whispered, "Ask me father!" that was all CHORUS

I was thrashin' in me barn when her father came one day
he said,"Patsy Hogan what is this I've heard?
I've been speakin' to me daughter and now what have you to say?"
but sure faith I couldn't say a single word
then he took me by the hand and said, "Now Patrick my son
I'll be glad to see you settled well in life.
and since you love me daughter and her heart is fairly won
at Shrove Tide you can make the girl your wife." CHORUS

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