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One Eyed Reilly

Irish Song Lyrics - One Eyed Reilly

Giddy eye ay, giddy eye ay,
giddy eye ay for the one eyed Reilly
Giddy eye ay, One, Two Three (claps),
try it on your own bass drum

As I was sittin' by the fire,
eatin spuds and a drinkin' porter
suddenly a thought came into my head
I'd like to marry Old Reilly's daughter CHORUS

Old Reilly played on a big bass drum
Reilly had a mind for murder and slaughter
Reilly had a big red glistenin' eye
and he kept that eye on his lovely daughter CHORUS

Her hair was black and her eyes were blue
the major and the corporal and the captain saught her
the sergeant and the piper and the drummer boy too
they never had a chance with Reilly's daughter CHORUS

Well I got me a ring and a parson too
I got me a scratch in a merry quarter
settled me down to a peaceful life
happy as a king with Reilly's daughter CHORUS

Well five big knocks come knockin' at the door
who should it be but Reilly after slaughter
with two pistols in his hand
lookin' for the man what had married his daughter CHORUS

I grabbed Old Reilly by the hair
I rammed his head in a pail of water
shot his pistols into the air
a damn sight quicker than I married his daughter CHORUS

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