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Nancy Whiskey

Irish Song Lyrics - Nancy Whiskey

Whiskey, Whiskey, Nancy Whiskey, Whiskey Whiskey Nancy-O

Well I'm a weaver a Coulton weaver, I'm a rash and Rovin' blade
I love silver in my pockets and I follow the rovin' trade CHORUS

As I came down through Glasgow City, Nancy Whiskey I chanced to smell
I walked in and sat down beside her, seven long years I loved her well CHORUS

The more I kissed her the more I loved her, the more I kissed her the more she smiled,
soon I forgot my mother's teaching, Nancy soon had me beguiled CHORUS

As I rose early on one morning to slake my thirst it was my need,
I tried to rise but I was not able, Nancy had me by the knees CHORUS

So I'll go back to the Coulton weavin' I'll surely make those shuttles fly,
for I made more at the coulton weavin' than e're I made at the rovin' trade CHORUS

So come all you weavers you Coulton weavers come all you weaver's where're you be
please beware of Nancy Whiskey, She'll ruin you like she ruined me CHORUS

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