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Music Man O

Irish Song Lyrics - Music Man OAuthor: Donal O'Shaughnessy
Copyright: 2000

There is a place down in my soul
A dwelling place that is your home
A shelter for your mem'ries when you roam

I hear the wind and I hear your sighs
A laughing breeze can light up my skies
The lyrics of your song are kept inside

Let me be your music man
Your melody, your song
Let me be your music man

You curiosity can light a flame
A shining sun screaming out your name
your warm embrace can brighten up my day

Grasp the light and climb up the rays
Prepare the world for another sunny day

The lyrics swim inside your head
They toss and turn and give you no rest
Set them free they'll put you to the test

The day will come you'll surprise yourself
You'll learn to dance just climb off your shelf
You're strong enough, the world will seek your help

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