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Irish Song Lyrics - Mother

She gave me life and taught me to live
She gave me love and taught me how to give
she's the greatest example of courage I've known
and I hope she is proud of the seed she had sewn

And all of the times she held my hand
then the world was too big for her little man (and my problems were grand)
and when I was weak she would fight in my stead
and when I was weary she cradled my head

I was shielded and guarded by the power of love
and all of the good things a mother's made of
and all that I needed she gave me each day
and I know it's a debt I could never repay

When I'm faced with life's troubles she makes them her own
while she's had to bear all her crosses alone
and if it's not enough to do all that she can
than she'd lay down her life greater love hath no man

God knows she's had more than her share of pain
she still looks for the rainbow each time it rains
and if I could write Webster's definition of love
it would only say, "Mother, a gift from above."

Now that (When) I'm grown with my own little ones
(it will clear up for me)
it's much clearer to me all the things you have done
and I thank God each day for all that you do
and for all that I am I will always love you

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