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Irish Song Lyrics - Moonshiner

I'm a rambler I'm a gambler I'm a long way from home
and if you don't like me than leave me alone
I'll eat when I'm hungry and I'll drink when I'm dry
and if moonshine don't kill me I'll live till I die

I've been a moonshiner for manys a year
I spent all my money on whiskey and beer
I'll go to some hollow and set up my still
and I'll make you a gallon for a ten shilling bill CHORUS

I'll go to some hallow in this country
ten gallons of wash I can go on a spree
no women to follow the word is all mine
and I love none so well as I love the moonshine CHORUS

Oh moonshine Oh moonshine Oh how I love thee
you killed my ould father but will you try me
Oh bless all moonshiners and bless all moonshine
Oh it's breath smells as sweet as the dew on the vine CHORUS

If the ocean was whiskey and I was a duck
I'd swim to the bottom and drink my way up
but the ocean ain't whiskey and I ain't a duck
so I'll stick to wild women and trust in my luck CHORUS

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