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Irish Song Lyrics - McIntyre


Some friends and I
in a pulic house
were playing dominos one night
Into the room the barman came
his face a ghastly white
What's up says Brown
Have you seen a ghost
Have you seen your Aunt Myriah
"Oh my Aunt Myriah be buggered!" says he
"The bloody pub's on fire!"

"On Fire!" Says Brown
"What a bit of Luck.
Everybody follow me.
Into the cellar if the fire's not there
we'll have a rare old spree!"

So we all went down after good old Brown
the booze we could not miss
And we weren't there 5 minutes or more
when we were all half pissed

And there was Brown, upside down
Lappin' up the whiskey on the floor
Booze Booze the firemen cried
as they came knockin' at the door
Don't let them in till it's all mopped up
Somebody shouted "McIntyre"
And we all got blue blind
paralytic drunk
When the Old Dun Cow caught fire

Then Smith went over
to the port wine tub
gave it a few hard knocks
started taken' off his pantaloons
likewise his shoes and socks
"Hold on!" Says Brown
"You can't do that!
We can't have that in here!
Don't go washin' your trotters
in the port wine tub
when we've got all this lite beer"

And then there came an awful crash
half the roof gave way
We were drowned in the fireman's hose
But still we were going to stay
So we got some tacks
and our old wet slacks
and nailed ourselves inside
And we sat there swallyin'
pints of stout
till we were bleary eyed!

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