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McGirk's Family Anthem O

Irish Song Lyrics - McGirk's Family Anthem OAuthor: Donal O'Shaughnessy
Copyright: 2003

We're the McGirks Family
We love your company
whether or not you're havin' a pint
or sippin' a cuppa tea
So gather 'round you many friends
a toast come drink with me
when it comes to being in Ireland
We're as close as we can be

It's time to leave you cares behind
let's have a glass of cheer
The work day's done,
let's have some fun
enjoy the atmosphere
forget all your troubles
and sip on the bubbles
tonight's a brand new day
we'll sing and we'll dance
'till you're in a trance
your cares will float away CHORUS

Enjoy the conversation
whether you stand or sit
being Irish at McGirks
is not a prerequisite
Oscar Wilde and Joyce
are Ireland's favorite sons
But here at McGirk's I'm partial
to Guinness and Jameson's!! CHORUS

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