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McCarthy's Barn O

Irish Song Lyrics - McCarthy's Barn OAuthor: Donal O'Shaughnessy
Copyright: 1999

Written for Bob McCarthy in Ellicottville who was contracted to build a "tool shed" for Kathleen Haar

McCarthy had a vision
a man of high esteem
he was handy with a hammer
and he loved a straight "I" beam
his hands were tough as nails
and he'd ne'er do you a harm
his latest goal in life as to build
the largest barn

The 8th wonder of the world
is here in Ellicottville
it's mere size and shape
could surely give you a chill
the shadow that it casts
stretches over the hill
the 8th wonder of the world
RIGHT HERE! in Ellicottville

or sure he had his troubles
of this I give my word
but the "shingles" couldn't stop him
and he never did get "board"
the girls in town would watch him
and say,"That Stud's off center!"
to them he'd only sneer and say,
"I'll be done by winter!" CHORUS

They say of his work ethic
he had a strong foundation
He went ahaed a built the
largest barn across the nation
his promise on the level
for the task he finally finished
he removed his hat
and wiped his brow and said,
"Let's have a Guinness!" CHORUS

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