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Mary of Dungloe

Irish Song Lyrics - Mary of DungloeAuthor: Pádraig Mac Cumhaill
Copyright: 1936

Oh then fare thee well sweet Donegal, the Rosses and Gweedore,
I'm crossing the main ocean
where the foaming billows roar,
It breaks my heart from you to part where I spent many happy days.
Farewell to kind relations, I am bound for Amerikay.

Oh then Mary you're my heart's delight, my pride and only care,
It was your cruel father
would not let me to stay here,
But absence makes the heart grow fond, and when I am over the main,
May the Lord protect my darling girl, 'till I return again.

And I wish I was in sweet Dungloe
and seated on the grass,
And by my side a bottle of wine,
and on my knee a lass,
I'd call for liquour of the best,
and I'd pay before I'd go,
And I'd roll my Mary in my arms,
in the town of sweet Dungloe.

Thanks to Alistair for the info: Published by Colm Ă“ Lochlainn in his book of ballads in 1939 but it had been written 3 years earlier by a Donegal Stonemason in 1936. The actual writer of the
song was Pádraig Mac Cumhaill

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