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Man From Mulingar (the)

Irish Song Lyrics - Man From Mulingar (the)

You may talk and boast about your Fenian's and your clans
and how the Boys from County Cork beat up the Black and Tans
and view a little codger who came out without a scar
his name was Paddy Mulligan, the Man from Mulingar

And the peelers chased him out of Connemara
for beating up the valiant scion O'Hara
and he came to Ballymote he stole the Parson's goat
and sold him to the Bishop down in Ardagh
seven hundred peeler's cousin's henchmen
the King sent out an order for to lynch him
when Patrick came to Dublin Par he sold his motorcar
and gave it to the I.R.A. Brigade in Mulingar

On Easter Monday when the boys did hear the bugle's sound
Paideen raised the flag of war down in his native town
first he went to make his peace with dear old Father Maher
then went out and blew the barricks up and wrecked half Mulingar CHORUS

When Ireland takes Her place among the nations of the world
and her flag of orange white and green to the four winds is unfurled
when you read the roll of honor you will find marked with a star
Patrick Sarsfield Mulligan, the Man from Mulingar CHORUS

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