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Maggie May

Irish Song Lyrics - Maggie May

Oh Maggie, Maggie May, they are taking you away
and you'll never cruise down Lime Street anymore
for you robbed so many whalers and rolled so many sailors
you're gone to a far off distant shore

Oh it's well that I remember when I first met Maggie May
she was cruisin' up and down old Canaan Place
and she had a figure finer, than thefastest ocean liner
and me being a sailor I gave chase

Next mornin' when I 'woke, all sad and stoney broker
no trousers vest or suitcase could I find
when I asked her where they were, she said, "My very good sir.
They're down at Abbey's Pawnshop Number Nine!"

To the pawnshop I did go but no clothes there did I find
so the policeman came and took that gal away
and the judge he guilty founder her, of robbing a homeward bounder
and paid her passage off to Botany Bay

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