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Irish Song Lyrics - Killarney

By Killarney's lakes and fells emerald isles and winding bays
mountain pass and woodland dells mem'ry ever fondly strays
bounteous nature loves all lands beuaty wnaders everywhere
footprint leaves on many strands but her home is surely there
angels fold their wings and rest in that Eden of the West
Beauty's home Killarney ever fair Killarney

Innis Fallen's ruined shrine may suggest a passing sigh
but man's faith can ne'er decline such God's wonders floating by
Castle Lough and Glena Bay Mountains Tore and eagle's nest
still a muckcross you must pray though the monks are now at rest
Angels wonder not that man there would fain prolong life's span
Beauty's home Killarney ever fair Killarney

Noplace else can charm the eye with such bright and varied tints
Ev'ry rock that you pass by verder 'boider or besprints
Virgin there the green grass grows, ev'ry morn springs natal day
bright hued berries daft the snows smiling winter's frown away
Angels often pausing there doubt if Eden were more fair
Beauty's home Killarney ever fair Killarney

Music there for echo dwells make each sound a harmony
Many voiced the chorus swells tillit faint in ecstacy
With the charmful tints below seems the Heaven above to vie
All rich colours that we know tinge the cloud wreaths in that sky
Wings of Angels so might shine glancing back soft light devine
Beauty's home Killarney ever fair Killarney

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