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Irish Curse O

Irish Song Lyrics - Irish Curse OAuthor: Donal O'Shaughnessy
Copyright: 1995

There was a pregnant lady
and her time was any day
she felt a tringe below the belt
and "Ooo"'s all she could say
the ultrasound revealed it was a boy who's coming out
She only wished a healthy lad
who was handsome strong and stout

Well the babe popped out in glory
as he wriggled screamed and cried
then the beaming husband
looked to his wife with pride
they both turned to the doctor and they asked him what he thought
he counted all appendages and his face with pain was wrought

"What's wrong!" the dad exclaimed
"Does he not have all his digits?"
The doc confirmed the fingers and toes
and said it was his widgit
The doctor felt a need right then to educate the nurse
"I'm afraid that Master Murphy's got the classic Irish Curse!"

Oh the Irish Curse effects a man
right to his very root
It's the only thing in life
that can be samll but not be cute
few things in life can be so grim
or be considered worse
than the stem upon you apple
cast with the Irish Curse

Well the dad began to panic
he saw a future filled with fear
he suggested to the doctor
he blow in the baby's ear
the Doc asked for the rationale
and looked at dad with doubt
"Perhaps the increased pressure
will make that thing pop out!"

Well years went by young Murphy
he grew from babe to boy
but he had to wait till Christmas
to find his favorite toy
he discovered he was an athelete
and played at many sports
he was swift and agile
but in a smaller size of shorts


Well he grew into a man
and how he worked at all his talents
trying to upset the curse
and even up the balance
he grew adept at story telling
country pride and song
and although he grew well rounded
he never did grow long.


Who through the Irish Curse in
Master Murphy's trousers
nobody spoke so they shouted all the louder
It's an Irish myth that's true
I could lick the mick that threw
the Irish Curse in Master Murphy's trousers

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