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Honeymoon For Two O

Irish Song Lyrics - Honeymoon For Two OAuthor: Donal O'Shaughnessy

We began this honeymoon,
Wrote the music and the tune
Than the words came with our vows
As the years allowed
As the years continued on
You put the music in our song
Add a measure of your time
The candlelight and wine

On this honeymmon for two
Words can not express the way I feel for you
If this feeling must be love
It's the only time "I love you's" not enough

There's still a spark when you come home
Your beauty still lights up a room
You turn the embers to a flame
Make sunshine out of rain
We play life's game draw our cards
Life with me's been pretty hard
Still the years keep marching by
And you're still by my side CHORUS

That sparkle in your eye
Makes my heart begin to fly
You fill me up, this love I can't deny

Through the years as we grow old
We hope the story we have told
Will guide our children through their lives
And keep their fires bright
Still one day this life will close
There's no wilting of our rose
For we've built a legacy
For all eternity CHORUS

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