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Heroes Among Us O

Irish Song Lyrics - Heroes Among Us OAuthor: Donal O'Shaughnessy
Copyright: 2002

When you feel that you're alone
nowhere to turn
When the world had turned it's
back on you
and all you have is prayer
There is always someone close to you
who will gladly lend a hand
a soldier from the heavens
to help you make your stand

There are angels
here with me and you
never thinking twice
when there are good things to do
when a child cries
you can see it in their eyes
they're longing for a hero,
a hero by their side

When the pages of our history are read
when we recall our darkest days
when the brave were laid to rest
when our character and innocence
were both put to the test
we would rise
and then show all the world
our way of life is best

There are children
who never did know bad
they would never know
the families they once had
still we hope and pray
there will come a day
when sacrafices made
will make our world
a better safer place

We must not forget
when this world forever changed
those who gave their lives
were the bravest of the brave
they left behind all those
who live to carry on
the day when all the heroes
left their homes...left their homes

There are angels,
and here they can be found
giving love and comfort
at the first distressful sound
they seem far away
but we're never far apart
they're guiding those they love
for now the hero's living
in our hearts

I wrote this with many people in mind. Of course all the innocent people who lost their lives on September 11th. I can't help but think when I hear someone say "Is your life back to normal?" that there are multiple numbers of people whose lives will NEVER be normal again.
I think we all acted like heroes as a nation when we responded with blood and money for people we didn't even know. Just because they were fellow American's and human beings. That's what we're all about. The will of those who lost their lives is being carried out by those of us who are able to help in this world.

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