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Gift (the) O

Irish Song Lyrics - Gift (the) OAuthor: Donal OShaughnessy
Copyright: 1996

Do you believe that you could love
a man you've never met
A person who lived oh so long ago
Sure there are figures throughout history
we're sure we won't forget
and greater ones are sure to come and go
But this man was my grandpa
And alothough we've never met
He's guaranteed be with me all the day
For the fiddle he once played
Has passed to me without regret
To me who sees his vision when I play

And when I hold you fiddle close
It's like I hold you in my arms
To thank you for the gift
You've given me
Now I wonder since you left
Before the day that I was born
You asked God to pass your talent
on to me

Each year the fiddle seasons
and it mellow so with age
And I realize I'm a victim too of time
But your music is so rich and sweet
As I turn another page
I leave the troubles of this world behind
I open that old fiddle case
for a momory of a man
And know the music flows between the lines
An the time is growing closer
When I shake his giving hand
To thank him for the joy
He's help me find


And although you are in Heaven
I know you help the angels sing
For your music is a gift
That God enjoys
So until we ever meet
I'll keep on playing here on Earth
Ever knowing it's our gift
That brings life joy

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